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Message Subject BREAKING: FSA Formally Announces Battle for Damascus Has Begun. Assad Ready to Talk
Poster Handle Marxist
Post Content

Awww, what's the matter, did I dare shattering the silly illusions & anti-Western propaganda that Assad was some kind of a "fluffy, cuddly secular peace-maker & protector of minorities everywhere???

And not what he ACTUALLY was: a little spoilt sociopath who after his dictator daddy & older brother died, got completely owned by both Iranians & mega-crooks within Alawaite Old-Guard inner-circle, including Makhlouf.

That's right beyotch: Iraq war was gonna be relatively easy until Iran/Syria intervened and made it much more difficult with IED & all sorts of foreigners pouring in. Assad was only too happy to oblige ---> and now as part of ultimate irony, those some jihadi c*nts are coming home to roost.

Why do you think this uprising started in the first place, dumbass? Bad economy got worse; people got tired of getting squeezed by Alawite thugs (Assad's father for instance knew better than to mess with centuries-old Aleppo merchant clains).... and no way Sunni majority was gonna sit idle and take the old shit after witnessing Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia... the West did the rest.
 Quoting: ASV 2643820

The "foreigner" Al Queda gangs going into Iraq were not invited by those fighting the US invasion. As millions of Iraqis fled to Syria and other points west, the east part was lawless and became a convenient safe haven for them to mount their attacks. Who benefited from a Shia-Sunni sectarian war, big shot?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32967202

You miss the point. Western forces are a meld of many foreign contingents that work together quite effectively and in a disciplined manner. Muslims on the other hand are all over the place...no real idea as to what the fuck they are meant to be doing. Thats the point. No one really knows what the hell is going on over there other than that the fat cats seem to get even fatter and the general level of dumbness even more exaggerated.
 Quoting: Marxist

Well I guess you miss my point. The Al Queda Wahhabi jihadists are not "all over the place", they are trained and specialise in intervention for the benefit of their paymasters. That they bring primitive midaevil repressive governance to the places they rule, have you considered that is exactly what their paymasters want?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32967202

And as I have said...STUPID.

These morons presume to take on Western capitalism within a context that has no real direction, is bedevilled with corruption and still dwells in a primeval age. Assad trained as a physician for fucks sake. What did he learn in considered thinking. Clearly nothing!

In contrast, Western ranks are tight to the point that even light does not pass through. Assad would have been wiser allying himself with other rational forces seeking to set up economic alternatives, such as Venezuela or even BRIC for that matter and stuck to the issues. Running with the Arab Empire, especially whilst taking potshots are Israel which has deep roots in the logical traditions was incredibly dumb (same mistake made by Ghadaffi, Mr Sunshades.)
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