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Message Subject BREAKING: FSA Formally Announces Battle for Damascus Has Begun. Assad Ready to Talk
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

There is no common thread between Iraqi Shia anti Saddam politics and SArabia funded Wahhabi ambitions. Muqtada was a patriot, not a terrorist. That Iran shielded him and latter supported him has a long history to events connected inside Iraq. What you are failing to do is separate legitimate indigenous struggle from outside interference and manipulation.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32967202

Bullshit. One would have thought there is no real nationalism in the Arab Empire when it comes to fighting external forces from the infidel world. After all it was infidels who dethroned Saddam, reason enough I wulda thunk to sink your differences and defend the Caliphate.

These arseholes are squabbling amongst themselves and selling themselves out to the highest bidder. If that isn't rent a stupid, I have no idea what is.
 Quoting: Marxist

Who are you to say it is "reason enough" to discard the anti Saddam struggle because infidels dethroned Saddam? Worse!, who the FUCK are you to associate them with foreign funded fanatical terrorists whose sole purpose was to weaken both Sunni and Shia resistance against the US led illegal invasion? That's really sloppy analysis!!! Even Baaths were patriots as much as Muqtada. Without the "infidels",, as you call them, and other foreign infiltrators (SArabia) a secular Baathist multiethnic and locally grown option was always a possibility.

Marxist, you have lost your patience for nationalist struggle as the vehicle for self determination. Time to change your moniker and become a Clinton supporter..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32967202

Where is the local self determination whilst the region pivots around an imperial theocracy based in Saudi Arabia. A theocracy which all the so-called secular forces in the region pay lip service to as the region continues to set itself apart from the mass of the working class movement worldwide. Islamic socialism (Baathist or Libyan) is a joke. It is as much a joke as is the bogus socialism of Tony Blair or the Chinese. However, give those hegemons their due. They act in concert when confronted by threats to their regional interest. I fall about the place laughing at being told that China has the back of the Arab Empire. China has only one back...and that is China.

The constituent elements of the Arab Empire are a joke and have let down the muslim working class absolutely. They afford no protection to the working class whilst being preyed upon by external forces. In fact local predation surpasses that of the outsider. In contrast, little Israel does a salutory job in securing its own interests.

The best you can do is breakup this joke of a cultural region and start from scratch. You have yet to embark on the modernity of capital (yes, Marx did construe the meritocracy of capitalism an improvement on the arbitrary structures one finds in these outdated feudalisms) let alone address the core inequities.

In other words, you have yet to pass base in your long climb to equity. You are not going to get it by running around the place like a headless chicken playing the victim. You can only do so through solidarity and that comes from a solid understanding of the issues at stake.
 Quoting: Marxist

So let me get this straight: your Marxist analysis is to support foreign interventions by selfish invaders so as to have the region go through a capitalist "transition" on the road to secular socialism? That's a deluded twist on a familiar theme. You imply the Baathist were mere puppets, phonies, submitting to SArabia. I dont recall their friendship being that close, actually. While the Saddams and Assads and Ghadaffis of the world exercised repressive internal control, wiped out independent Unions, had torture chambers against dissidents,,, one thing they did do was create secular and socialist institutions of health, education, sanitation, infreastructure, resource ownership and development. Now you say "they arent worthy and must be destroyed by foreign invaders" because they "dont support the workers". But, hey, those institutions benefited the workers and farmers and not only raised their standard of living but also their consciousness. Nationalist AND class consciousness, Marxist. Now, when Iraqis, or Syrian or Libyans for that matter, begin to struggle against the repressive national apparatus, do you think they will do it by destroying the infrastructure and institutions that they benefited from? That's what the foreign invaders did,,, as a matter of course,,, to "weaken the regime". They didnt care if the country was crushed into the dark ages, their goal wasnt to build on past achievements, their goal was to save and American lives, crush resistance, control the country and extract the wealth for their benefit.

National progress isnt a linear process, whether transitioning from "capitalism" to "socialism", and self determination and prideful achievement cannot be imposed esp by disinterested foreigners.

I really dont get you. Obviously you are pissed at the "Arab world" and Islamic rule. But you seem to see as a radical solution, even to the extent of jihadists terrorist tactics amd their foreign paymasters,,,, if only "to get the ball rolling to a brighter day". Is that crazy, or what?
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