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Message Subject BREAKING: FSA Formally Announces Battle for Damascus Has Begun. Assad Ready to Talk
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
Rent a stupid!!
 Quoting: Marxist

You know, you keep calling assorted jihadis/"freedom-liberators" stupid.

Yes, they are.

But whether totting RPG, planting IED under the cover of night... or strapping suicide-vests... those retards you condescend to can take out 50 people in a single try.

It's this kind of neglect/under-estimation of Islam, especially in the Roaring 1990's in the West... is why we had 9/11 and all the subsequent trillion-dollar costing shit since...

Nevermind the fact, as you mentioned, that behind-the-scenes players who use or "rent" the jihadis, are of course anything BUT stupid...
 Quoting: ASV 2643820

Listen mate, by any measure, your Arab Empire is an even greater joke than it ever was. What the firk are these jihadis liberating. More regions for rich Western expats to flock to. Cos that is the net effect of blowing 50 people to bits out your arsehole.

Nowhere is it more profitabe for me to work that in the heartland of the Empire. It is only a matter of time before Iraq comes on tap. I'ld say give it a decade and Tehran will be a nice little earner.

In the meantime, the West is being overwhelmed by refugees from expat land. Fuck, are you people awake!!!
 Quoting: Marxist

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33828025

No, ya brown-snake piss-swilling matey, what I am telling you is that troglodyte teenage jihadi on his bad day can take out like 50 peeps -- with another 50 badly disfigured by nail, ball-bearings & other sharpnel -- any time he damn well pleases.

(Well, 50 if we're talking normal, secure human beings. Which translates to roughly about 150 unwashed Marxists, 160 Maoists and 175.5 Trotskyists, but whatever po-tay-to, to-mah-to)

It doesn't even have anything to do with Arab Caliphate. But since you brought it up... 19 high-jackers with on one Tuesday managed to cause TRILLION dollar economic damage when cost of all wars is tallied up ---> not to mention brings us ever so closely to 1984-type society with all the Patriot Acts and whatnot... Not bad for a Tora Bora cave operation...

But it gets better, mom: now imagine a few dirty bombs or actual nukes carefully set off in world's economic & cultural capitals.... by a few of these "suicidal stupids".

Not plausible, you say? You keep thinking that. You won't think it's so funny.
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