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Message Subject BREAKING: FSA Formally Announces Battle for Damascus Has Begun. Assad Ready to Talk
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
... especially whilst taking potshots are Israel which has deep roots in the logical traditions was incredibly dumb (same mistake made by Ghadaffi, Mr Sunshades.)
 Quoting: Marxist

"occasionally lightly prodding Israel".... "taking potshots at Israel"

Say, Mr. Historical Inevitability... what do you know about, say, 2nd Intifada?

If that's taking light pot-shots... then I can only wish you take a ride in a crowded, then have your Das-Kapital 2: Eletric Boogaloo -perusing friends incinerated or torninto pieces in front of you ---> while you are luck to only get off with a few shattered bones, IQ-reducing intra-cranial hemmorhage, ruptured ear-drums, maybe 3rd-degree burns over only 30% of the body + some ball-bearing shrapnel embedded in a few places. Plus, course severe PTSD --> but hey, at least while you were convalescing in ICU in semi-comatose state, at least you didn't have to pick your friends up with a bucket or arrange funerals or whatever....Lucky you, got off easy.

With some luck, you'll get to experience such occasional Assad-sanctioned/financed/backed "gentle prodding". Maybe it touch upon as many of your loved ones as possible ;)
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