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Message Subject BREAKING: FSA Formally Announces Battle for Damascus Has Begun. Assad Ready to Talk
Poster Handle Marxist
Post Content
wow, someone who actually sees what is going on,

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6739256

Well I guess you miss my point. The Al Queda Wahhabi jihadists are not "all over the place", they are trained and specialise in intervention for the benefit of their paymasters. That they bring primitive midaevil repressive governance to the places they rule, have you considered that is exactly what their paymasters want?

If you are suggesting that capital seeks to preserve a barbarian market in the ME, you don't understand the nature of accumulation. In addition, you are denying the reality of China which capital has fostered and nurtures in a bid to modernise its peasant populace (in the search for new sources of accumulation.) (Likewise India and Russia)

The ME is a feudal empire atop capital's main source of energy. An intractible empire which capital has naturally cultivated in its bid to ensure a secure energy supply.

However, to suggest that capital goes out of its way to keep its market in barbarian dullness is probably the stupidest thing I have read.
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