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Message Subject BREAKING: FSA Formally Announces Battle for Damascus Has Begun. Assad Ready to Talk
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
your argument is essentially:

No way the Illuminati is the capitalists

OR THERE's No Illuminati;

the idea that there could be an Illuminati running


both the Capitalists and ahhaha Marxists, not that there's any marxists left,

well holy shit,

if that were the case it would mean that the whole world is a giant puppet show,

and your just duped and reacting to what they present in the puppet theater.

"Illuminati!!! What rubbish!!"= How dare you suggest the global elite exist, it fucks with me happy world view that the evil capitalists will be defeated by the good guy marxists, what year are we living in?? ahahah

The Illuminati runs the capitalists and what could pass for marxism.

"I'ld suspect that you are probably a Western variant ofthe Islamic primitive...no doubt steeped in idiotic Christian mumbo jumbo." = oh look i believe this is an attempt at some neo communist attempting to role play, and bash christianity yada yada, how mid 20th century

The Illuminati runs the world,

and is behind all these so called Revolutions,

let me know when you find out about the Illuminati.

wow, someone who actually sees what is going on,

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6739256

Well I guess you miss my point. The Al Queda Wahhabi jihadists are not "all over the place", they are trained and specialise in intervention for the benefit of their paymasters. That they bring primitive midaevil repressive governance to the places they rule, have you considered that is exactly what their paymasters want?
 Quoting: Marxist

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6739256

If you are suggesting that capital seeks to preserve a barbarian market in the ME, you don't understand the nature of accumulation. In addition, you are denying the reality of China which capital has fostered and nurtures in a bid to modernise its peasant populace (in the search for new sources of accumulation.) (Likewise India and Russia)

The ME is a feudal empire atop capital's main source of energy. An intractible empire which capital has naturally cultivated in its bid to ensure a secure energy supply.

However, to suggest that capital goes out of its way to keep its market in barbarian dullness is probably the stupidest thing I have read.
 Quoting: Marxist

Rubbish!! Whats the bet you'ld quickly capitulate were you suddenly flush with millions.

Capitalism is the age of the bourgeoisie who have granted us with a modernity which is a natural consequence of the means by which they accumulate. They need a continually changing masses so as they may be receptive to their wares.

Feudal overlords require a barbarian masses who will not challenge their ownership of the societies wealth which is invariably fixed.

The two are very different but in the case of the ME, co-operate as bourgeoisie capitalists need energy and the feudal overlords have found a new source of wealth in the oil (which remains fixed until they can capture the bourgeoisie mode of accumulation which of course, their religion stands in the way of with its primitive rules on usury.)

Illuminati!!! What rubbish!! I'ld suspect that you are probably a Western variant ofthe Islamic primitive...no doubt steeped in idiotic Christian mumbo jumbo.
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