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Message Subject Soldiers Die, God Laughs. Westboro Cult Protesting American Sniper's Funeral
Poster Handle Fuddy-Duddy
Post Content
I do believe Westboro does indeed have some of their members on here posting.
Yep, you guys are pretty brave on the internet and giving interviews, but you sure chickened out in my town the last time you 'said' you were going to protest a fallen soldier's funeral.
I know you were in my town cause I saw one of your vehicles, but looks like you weren't so brave when we had thousands of people lining the streets to drown you out.
You threaten a lot, but rarely have the guts to show up!!
I sure don't think you'll be back in my town again.

A lot of people do have you figured out. Stop claiming Christianity. You are not Christian and never have been.
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