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Message Subject is there way to Kill bacteria around the tooth ROOT CANAL using natural means?
Poster Handle stillhere
Post Content
Don't give up, plenty of info our there saying root canals are horrible.

Clove oil.

Stop the antibiotics.

Try oil pulling--coconut oil--extra virgin

stop sweets

take a good mix of vitamins

magnesium, b-complex, boost your immune system, get plenty of sleep, lots of good water, no sugars, be patient.

I had a crown and it hurt for almost a year.

[link to www.coconutresearchcenter.org]

"“I had a really bad infection in my mouth,” says Brittany. “It was so painful that I could not sleep. Pain medication helped temporarily. I was sure that I needed another root canal.

After hearing about oil pulling I decided to give it a try before going to the dentist. I began oil pulling three times a day. By the very next day the pain was gone! No soreness, nothing.

I was shocked. I continue to oil pull and my teeth are whiter and healthier looking then they have ever been. My gums have stopped bleeding, they used to bleed after every brushing. They are no longer receding and my teeth feel tighter.

On my last visit to the dentist he was amazed at how much better my teeth and gums looked. He told me to continue to do whatever I was doing.”
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