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Message Subject is there way to Kill bacteria around the tooth ROOT CANAL using natural means?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I had a root canal about 10 yrs ago and NEVER had a problem with it! You might consider switching dentists...but very important info here is:


I floss after every single blessed time I eat, no matter what. I floss in the car, at home, at work, at a restaurant, friend's house. I ALWAYS have floss with me.

And I floss all teeth every day but THAT tooth gets flossed after anything I eat.

I think that is why I have had no problems with it. Oh, and whenever possible I swish with listerine or something right after I floss.

The hygenist who treated me at my wonderful dentist before and after the root canal was about 75 (no kidding), had excellent teeth, and swore to me that most of the problems people have with teeth result from not enough flossing. Brushing is not enough.

And there is a "deep cleaning" they can do...though I do not need it I was told-- because I floss like a boss.
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