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Message Subject is there way to Kill bacteria around the tooth ROOT CANAL using natural means?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
heres the thing:
what dentists today dont tell you(and pretend they dont know about is microbial bacteria being trapped within the tooth sometimes travelling to other parts of the body and creating other illnesses.
You need to do some reading on Weston Prices work:
[link to www.healingteethnaturally.com]

check that sites out too its pretty good.

it does sound like you have an infection trapped in there.

Usually a normal dentists will clean out the roots(filing the canals) again and again until they'think' theres no infection left.

Antibiaotics sometimes dont work if youd had heaps of them or the infection type changes.

You can try some natural antibiotic remedies like taking colloidal silver, vitC/zinc, garlic,etc.

Youll know your really in trouble if you get an abcess that doesnt form a pimple on the gum and cant drain.

have the put a crown on the root canal?how many times have they filed/cleaned the roots?

did you have an abcess/pain before you had root canal?did it form an abcess that drained?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33822198

This root canal (bottom molar) was first done a year ago (it was supposed to be a filling, but after dentist prepped it for a filling, it became sensitive to the touch, so dentist started a root canal. There were shooting nerve pains right after the procedure, so he sent me to a specialist) Specialist finished the root canal and sealed it. I took antibiotics at that time. Tooth never settle for a year (always tender, especially when pressing on sides).
So finally, it was retreated 2 months ago, special medicine was put in it twice (it was cleaned out at least 3 times by a specialist - one of the times it was cleaned, there was a lot of throbbing pain in the gum/tooth right after - so I had to take strong antibiotics).
It got better, but still was tender like before, but a week ago, it suddently got weird pains when eating/drinking hot stuff.

I don't believe there was ever drainage, but as I mentioned there were times after procedure when it was very painful and swollen, I had to take antibiotics, and also a steroid shots.
Another thing happened recently, a top gum/tooth above it got really painful about 2 months ago as well, there was some drainage in that area, and I did a heavy duty oil pulling/silver/oregano/etc that eventually cleared it off. I don't know if it's related....

Root canal is not completed (still has medicine in it).
I have been doing oil pulling every day with coconut oil.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17922672

holy shit.
first-sounds like you didnt actually need a root canal when you visited the dentist because of a cavity-a good dentist can crown a badly cavitied tooth-unless he drills out the hole too much to expose the pulp/nerve, which is what sounds like has happened.If the cavity had hit the pulp/nerve-youd have been in pain then, maybe had an abcess and face swelling-but before that youd have had heat/cold sensitivity.
Did he anethetise you for this first root canal when you thought you were going for a filling?you shouldnt have had pain or felt tooth sensitivity during the procedure if you were properly numbed.
so then he sent you to an endonist who put you on antibiotics and cleaned/filed the roots.Its normal to have the tooth filed/cleaned and the meds put in up to 5 times before they crown a tooth.

I need to make this point-if your tooth is still sensitve-its not dead-theres still some nerve function for it to have both pain and sensitivy-especially intermittantly and for so long-root canaled teeth are dead-not sensitive.Im thinking maybe you have curved roots, that havent been filed properly or cleaned properly or maybe even and extra root that they havent gotten to.Technically it should have showed up on xray, but ive heard of worse dental mistakes.

All that dentist/rootcanal talk aside-i should say, i do not think rootcanal is good, im against it.

I would try some of the natural food/herb cleansing remedies, i left a link in one of my other posts for the cure tooth decay site, it has a lot of dietry and supplement info, diet plays a major part in tooth health also for helping with pain/inflamation etc.

Try some of those first, it may help with the tooth up top too you said was playing up.

As far as dentists go-if you want to go that way and continue with trying to save the tooth via rootcanal-see someone else-because that type of pain from a 'dead' tooth is just not right.

Personally because its a back molar id have it removed.If it was a front tooth or one visible when smiling etc i may try save it.From what ive found the negatives of rootcanal outweigh trying to save teeth-but the choice is yours.

Another thing is some rootcanaled teeth even when crowned done last-because the tooth is dead its stucture gets brittle and most people ive known(including me) have had rootcanaled teeth just crumble and shatter-money down the drain and a lot of angst.
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