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Message Subject is there way to Kill bacteria around the tooth ROOT CANAL using natural means?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You need to go to an oral surgeon.

You probably have a furcation. That is caused by bone loss around the saddle of two roots of the tooth that leaves sort of a huge upside down valley type pocket under the gum between the tooth and bone. It is way up there under the gum. Had one in 1999 and they did a root amputation, root canal, graft etc and the tooth is still in my head and good to go. I am surprised it lasted this long, but the surgery was $2500, plus a root canal, and I think I had a crown on that one too.

Now I have the exact same problem on the other side unfortunately.

If it is a furcation you will never be able to keep it clean.

You may be able to delay the surgery or having it pulled with a water pic with the pick pocket attachment or maybe even better yet Colloidal Silver in a syringe (no needle) if you can find a rubber tip and shove that up in there and give it a shot of colloidal silver every couple of days.

The anti biotics you get are about 25 cents worth of tetracycline and they charge me $39 per, and it does little good.

There is also a condition where you body attacks the tooth as if it is a foreign object. I forget what it is called, but pulling is the only cure for that.
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