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Message Subject is there way to Kill bacteria around the tooth ROOT CANAL using natural means?
Poster Handle lemmik1900
Post Content
Back before dentists and doctors with degrees, people had figured out how to use the herbs and plant and animals to heal themselves.
Along came the "whiteman" and essencially has done the same thing. He just made it into a $$$$ Rachet.
Beaver castor applied to your absessed or aching tooth will give you immediate relief from pain.
It will remove the infection but as a side effect will deaden the root nerve. Bonus, thats how they use to do it and no more pain. I can tell you how to put one drop of organic medication on a bad tooth and pull it out with your finger. I do not have a medical lisence(doctrane) and any practices that I have described....well you know, I'll testify to however I am on their radar and they will kill me if I share too much.
The Native elders of north america are very educated men
and I as a white boy was fasinated and learned and gained their respect.
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