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Message Subject ATF Going Door to Door Here in Phoenix
Poster Handle Desertwolf
Post Content
I have delt with the atf off and on since the mid 90s in the 90s I was involved with a colorado milita unit and they tried to recruit me as an informant which i refused and I took off to the hills for a few til everything calmed down even to this day about 3 times a year they stop by my parents house to attempt to make contact they are relentless but they are a massive bureaucracy so unless an agent has a hard on for you if you can avoid contact it will get buried in paperwork fast very very few people are actually arrested or charged by the atf compared to open investigations most of the arrests made are by dumb luck or serious mistakes by ffl holders. they are the mold for armed paper pushers. no do not underestimate them they have a huge pride/ego position in life so they will always escalate a situation to come out on top. just do not make contact do not talk to them if they come to you door dont answer the door if they kick it in thats a different situation but they wont kick it in unless they are serving a warrant
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