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Message Subject ATF Going Door to Door Here in Phoenix
Poster Handle no questions
Post Content
No private citizen has to talk to an ATF agent, they are strictly Code enforcement for dealers or traffickers of firearms for sale.

And, 2 years ago I know the ATF was knocking on private residences and asking questions about firearms bought and sold at Crossroads of the West gun shows in the Phoenix area (Mesa).

They also spoke to people I know in San Diego and Texas about the same time about AR15 purchases. The one in Texas was a woman who bought an AR at a gun show (passing the phone in check from a licensed dealer) a few days later, 2 ATF agents at her door telling her "She did not meet the profile of an AR buyer so why did she buy an AR 15?"

The information in the OP is right along the lines of what happened to others I personally spoke too.
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