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Message Subject ATF Going Door to Door Here in Phoenix
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Several years ago I took a few of the kids to the doctor to get required school physicals. And she sits down face to face with the kid (ignoring me) and starts interrogating them. "Do you wear a helmet when you ride a bike?", Kid looks at me, doctor says, "no, no, you can answer me". I said to her, "weigh her, take her height, check her heart and fill out the form. She already has parents". Well that stopped that nonsense. Fucking bitch.

I've also told my kids to NEVER fill out any type of surveys at school that require information about ANYTHING going on in our home. That they are to raise their hand and tell the teacher they are unable to complete the form until their Mom looks at it. They slide these surveys in under the guise of "anti-bully week" or other socio=programming type activities.

Another time, I got a notice from the school that one of my high schoolers was failing English. And she is a very bright girl. Come to find out that she was getting passes from English class to go talk to the school shrink. She would talk to the shrink for 5 minutes and then go spend the rest of English class with her BFF in the lunchroom. English teacher was not aware she was roaming the school for most of the period. I went to the fucking moon. How is it my daughter is talking to a psychiatrist without my knowledge or consent and how is it you idiots enabled her to basically cut class? Law says unless parents state otherwise in writing, kid can go to shrink and no one will clue the parent in. Needless to say, the school got a notification in writing from me.

This has been going on for some time. I have many kids and have been fending this bullshit off constantly and just say NO to it all, but I imagine the coming times will make these disclosures a requirement to access school and doctor. And then I guess we have to make our choices accordingly.

On this ATF thing, the guy was absolutely correct to NOT let the jackals into his home. Typical LE tactic...get access through permission of owner and then if they see so much as a fuzz in the carpet, they have probable cause to toss the whole place. No warrant, no entrance!
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