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Message Subject ATF Going Door to Door Here in Phoenix
Poster Handle Aunty Flo
Post Content

No, it's sane. Firearms should be stored correctly. Actually, it's not like that. The police are nice about it. They are actually nice about it. Just making sure people are not being irresponsible with their firearms.
 Quoting: Aunty Flo

To allow someone to be capable of forcing their way in to your house is the most ridiculous thing. All in the name to make sure you are not guilty of not storing your gun correctly. What is it with you Aussies and feeling that people are guilty until proven innocent.
 Quoting: Dr. Manhattan

paranoid thinking breeds paranoid behaviour.
 Quoting: Aunty Flo

And slave/subject thinking breeds contempt for freedom and self governance. I think people like you used to be called CRABS by the colored folk I grew up around.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22471303

We are free. Who cares what you think. The US are going to tighten their gun laws regardless so get used to it.
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