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Message Subject There are 3 Other Asteroids Inbound on the same day as DA14. February 14 2013
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok Guys. Two of these Asteroids have Earthquake History.

When 1999 VF22 went by last time. Izmit Turkey. 7.6.
This was bad and total destruction in alot of areas.

When 2005 RZ2 went by last time Athens 6.0 and Taiwan 7.6.

1999 went down in the history books for a bad year for Earthquakes. Double the normal amount and these biggy's.

They even convened a conference on disasters.

Punch in 1999 Earthquakes and look at all the destruction. Way to much info to put up.

20000 people died that year from these Earthquakes.
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