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Message Subject There are 3 Other Asteroids Inbound on the same day as DA14. February 14 2013
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can you lunatics find a new hobby? Dr. Astro clearly proved there is no danger from any known asteroid or comet. He has used something called SCIENCE. He is an actual doctor. Are you? Nope, you are just a group of idiotic sheep gullible enough to believe some wacked out link between space rocks and earthquakes. Let me remind you low information types that these bodies lack the gravitational mass to cause anything to happen. Only a body with more mass than the moon could cause problems. Get a grip guys. Learn basic science. Really it's sad to see such a lack of education. So very sad.
 Quoting: Holden 6427422

I guess you didn't read the thread. I never said it would hit but its buddies arriving in the vicinity have Earthqauke History linked to 1999. Go read.

What just happen the other day...? Major Earthquake.

Go read TruthWorkers Threads also. He pegged Solomons bang on. Said asteroid/earthquakes 3-4-5

Its pretty obvious how this works now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33807380

Well, if you go here, and choose 'show close-approach data', you can see all of the close approaches to earth or what not... I was gonna debunk this doom, cause this one, has been in 'close-approach' to us many times before,,, but you know what? This could be a missing link to Bendinglights data! -Is that who you are talking about, OP??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33826727

Bending Light has linked this thread to hers. I have linked TruthWorkers here and she has linked TruthWorkers to hers also.

Not all Asteroids have Earthquake history just certain ones who's metallic or heavy metal composition that can react with Earth Gravity have an effect.

Were just trying to connect the dots. Just like science except we share our findings and observations with the masses. Patterns in the chaos so to speak if you watch long enough. Pretty basic stuff if you put in the time.
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