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Message Subject There are 3 Other Asteroids Inbound on the same day as DA14. February 14 2013
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You are such an intolerable fool. As I stated previously- Any asteroid with less gravitational mass than the moon can have NO EFFECT ON THE EARTH. That is basic scientific fact you imbecile! Do you not see the puny rocks your are going on about are too small to cause an earth quake? There is no correlation between asteroids and earth quakes outside of your own warped mind. Get it yet? Do you need pictures to spell it out for you? Are you in the special olympics?
 Quoting: Holden 7076658

Its more likely his earthquakes are caused by the million of barrels of oil being extracted that cussioned some techtonic plates...not by a teeny rock.
 Quoting: nightrunner

Fracking is a huge abomination and it has been proven that water extraction was the cause of the huge Spain quake.

I hope you are right, though, with all this 'electric universe' talk and nasa finding out that they are wrong soo often lately....idk what to think of the basics, anymore.

And, are they fudging data on a mass scale on some of these asteroids??

Not to derail, but to explain my skepticism with the nasa...

[link to www.youtube.com]

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