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N O B O D Y E V E R Y O N E U S - Us all.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/06/2013 10:22 PM
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N O B O D Y E V E R Y O N E U S - Us all.
The frauds have been taken down. It would be impossible to claim any deity title without first proof without the need of outsiders. They've officially doomed themselves - That is Anyone who has claimed or subliminally implied to BE the nobody, on any domain or real life conversation.

Good news is all will be ok, the TRUE powers that be ARE in control of what they MUST control. The rest is up to us all, and we can all work our way up.

Peace and Love to all, a TRUE deity, be it jesus, buddha, a nobody, martin luther king, etc - would HATE to be egoistic enough to claim authority without sharing the power that comes with it to create functions that would equate to better standards of living for all.

That goes, anyone claiming wisdom of any kind, without first freely giving it without credit - Is a fraud.

That's my personal conclusion on my side-studies on certain things I've read on here. Hope some who are confused and led by wolves understand that I am anonymous on here and as much a learning human being as You.

Guess Love's taken over me. All one has to do, is forget the frauds - and GIVE in to God. The real God we've yet to technically understand - little by little we understand enough to live and fulfill our biochemical purpose since xx and xy combined. Happy 2013 - I am out. Love you all! On here and in real life, and God. I hope to feel that love outta the blue someday as well from everyone around me - if not, then heck, I'm still alive - and that's the one thing that we didn't have to steal or have to win.

Farewell, and goodbye frauds. s226

Birds flyin' high, you know how WE feel.

[link to soundcloud.com (secure)] dance

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