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English soccer fans, a question about today's game.

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United States
02/06/2013 10:23 PM
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English soccer fans, a question about today's game.
So in today's game of England V Brazil the English players all wore black armbands in rememberence to those who died in the Munich Air Crash, RIP Busbys Babes. But I think it was Gerrard who wore a red one. Was it because he was the Captain? I would think he would wear both. I would have. Just a thought I had. Is there any backlash over it in England? Wouldn't be surprised if some are claiming he didn't want to pay respects to United players who parished before their time. Although i highly doubt Gerrard would of done such a thing. Imagine how great they would of been! Surely they were on their way to win the treble that year. I read more of the accident today than I have before. The story of the United and England keeper going back in to save as many as he could, one of whom a pregnant woman was heart breaking to read. I can't imagine going thru an even like that with your teammates and closest friends. Oh, so much for all the Neymar hype. Wilshire and Walcott looked so much better than Neymar today. But it's just 1 game. English football looks promising though. Lots of youth.

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