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Message Subject Woe to you that DESIRE the DAY of the LORD !!!
Poster Handle M1.618
Post Content
Do you honestly believe the Holy Truth lives in a temple made of human hands. Only some are exclusive to HIS love. This excludes the patriarchs prior to Abrahams seed and Adam and the angels and all creation? Where a power and understanding exists such that is of this world, as that is all the elect can fathom? If the Christ was not the messiah what one could do better. If the law is to love God with all and neighbour as self, above self. What law is better if HE IS? Is it is not above the law given to man - not to eat of the fruit or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and laws given to man - then what is?
 Quoting: M1.618

I started this thread when I was tired and really it was just for fun however I do have a deep sense of what is correct.

God is not Jesus, he is the one full of wroth, jealousy and anger of the Old Testament.

This is not to say he is all bad but he understands you can not rule by sweetness and turning the other cheek, that is for saps. God knows us better then that.

God is a race and they rule by an iron fist. Wait to you meet them ... lol.

Sorry couldn't help it. They intend to go to war with our kind. The best weapon in war is lies and deceit, everyone knows that.

Another day I will explain what they want, in the mean time stop believing in Jesus, he was a wolf in sheep's clothing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 945308

God IS nothing but God. You can not understand HIM with your mind, see HIM with your eyes. HE IS. Nothing is worthy to come before HIM. He created the relationship between shadow and light. HE made pain. All tremble before HIM. When HE comes what will your created God race do, shoot HIM with their laser eyes shaking iron fists? The first among creation could not defeat HIS host.
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