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Message Subject Should the ETs massively show up in 2013 according to their own 2003 World Message?
Poster Handle Solar Guardian
Post Content
[link to www.cropcircleconnector.com]

Above is another critical info pertaining to 2013 and its most important date, a solar eclipse on May 10 2013!!!! gaspgaspshocked

Below is the excerpt from the article above:

"Inside this cycle there is a very special sequence of inner planets' alignments (Mercury-Venus-Earth-Mars with in a line with the Sun), a sequence that does not continue after 2012 (nor before 1962). At the end and the beginning there are two rare alignments of 6 objects connected with a solar eclipse: Feb 5th 1962 and May 10th 2013. The black and blue lines in the following timeline mark the inner planets' alignments, the orange lines are the beginning and end dates of the full alignments' sequence (which is divided into 8 parts as in the crop circle).

Incidentally, also in the major alignments of Feb 5th 1962 and May 10th 2013 both the pairs Mars-Venus and Jupiter-Saturn are reversed. And to make it more perfect, on the two dates of the Cancer patterns in 1961 and 2013 Mars and Venus switch places as seen from the Earth.

The period between 5/2/1962 to 10/5/2013 lasts exactly 52 Tuns, which is exactly 1/100 of the Long count. The period between 5/8/1961 to 5/8/2013 lasts exactly 52 years or 73 Tzolkings - this is the length of the Mayan Calendar round. In the table below you see these three pairs of dates on a timeline.

So based on this information the 52 year cycle (and possibly also the 5200 Tun Long count) ends in three steps; Dec 21st 2012, May 10th 2013 and Aug 7th 2013.

Also, Tolec, another Andromedan contactee stated below:

[link to www.andromedacouncil.com]

What about the people who wish to continue to live 3D, third dimensional lives. What about them?

ANSWER: First a point of reference - if people are physically on planet Earth in early January 2014 - they will, most will, at minimum become 4D, fourth dimensional, people. Some will, because of their soul & spirit origin essence, and current level of higher vibration, become 5D, fifth dimensional people. Please keep in mind, the raising of the vibrational frequency of this solar system, including planet Earth, is just part of its destiny, its planned evolution.

Now, as to the approximate fifty percent (50%) (+-5%) of the people who will want to choose to remain 3D and continue to live third dimensional lives: they will have the ability to choose, or not, keep in mind this is all about free will choice, to relocate to an alternative, pristine, virgin 3D world much like Earth was before it became industrialized. This planet is also located in the Milky Way galaxy like planet Earth. As to where it is located - think of this galaxy as a "pinwheel". With this pinwheel laying horizontally on it side, as a reference point, Earth is located at 7:00, on a spiral arm, as you would look at a round clock face. This new 3D world is located at around 10:00 on a clock face on a completely different pinwheel spiral arm. People who choose to travel to this world will be provided with an advanced notice for departure sometime during the Summer 2013, approximately five (5) months before January 2014.

5 months before Jan 2014 is August 2013!!! gaspgaspshockedalone
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