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Message Subject Chris Rock "OBAMA IS OUR BOSS"
Poster Handle Question EVERYTHING
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Chris Rock is an ignorant fool. He is his boss because he keeps coming out promoting his twisted agenda that his handlers are pushing. I strongly disagree with the direction that this country is being pushed and I refuse to get on board with the total dismantling of this country. These people are completely gutting this country and leaving us with the check and just because some idiot star stands up there and says we have to go along with the agenda does not make it so.

I cannot believe anyone gives two shits what these idiot stars who have sold their souls for fame, think. It is so clear that the administration is using psychological warfare on the population in this country now that there is no hiding it. If they were popular in what they were doing, they wouldn't have to keep having these boot lickers come out and tell us what to believe.

Let's keep things in perspective.
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