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Message Subject Chris Rock "OBAMA IS OUR BOSS"
Poster Handle ZEROeffect
Post Content
All these actors and comedians supporting the destruction of the constitution are going to get theirs!

Stop supporting them right now. Every one of these people trying to take away the guns, just stop going to their shows and buying their movies.

I know it probably won't happen, because not enough are awake to stop them. That's ok, they will get the message with just a few thousand of us who stay vigilant.

Once the government goes full retard, they will be the first put down by their own handlers. Once a traitor, they can't be trusted! Hitler off'd anyone who was a threat to him, and that screw up thought he was doing good for his country. What does everyone think is going to happen to them, when all the leaders are trying to destroy the country.

Hitler is going to look like a child compared to whats coming!
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