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Message Subject Chris Rock "OBAMA IS OUR BOSS"
Poster Handle moses767
Post Content
Poor Chris Rock he looks like he is on crack!! And unlike the movie that he played in 10 plus years ago, where he was a crackhead as Pookie, he actually look like he is really on crack in real time. Jamie Foxx said that Obama is his lord and saviour, and I protested the movie, "DJango" for that. And now another black actor is calling Obama his daddy and everybody elses daddy. When are these black guys going to see that God is the Only True Saviour and those who follow one of Satans main men will be thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, very soon. And when they are in that lake of fire and brimstone, they will never never truly die or cease to exist. For God has created the human soul and spirit to never die or cease to exist, but it will continue to exist forever and ever, in either heaven or in hell!!
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