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Message Subject Chris Rock "OBAMA IS OUR BOSS"
Poster Handle makdad
Post Content
This was a "great experiment" to see if man was capable of ruling himself, and if he was, this would be the culmination of the Great Work. But you will also find in their writings that they understood human nature better than any of us do, or probably ever will, for they knew...they knew that, with the keys built into the Constitution, we would give up our creator‐endowed rights and trade them for benefits from the State, thus relegating ourselves back into the old ‐‐ the old position of owned property. We would become indentured to the State for accepting these privileges. But they knew, that people did then as they do today ‐‐ except for a very few people who really understand and appreciate freedom and understand the responsibilities and the consequences that go along with it ‐‐ they understood that most people spend the first 20 years of their lives struggling to become responsible and to be accepted as a man or a woman in their own right, able to be responsible, strike out on their own, build a business, sign contracts. And once they discover the responsibilities and requirements that freedom demands, they spend the rest of their life trying to crawl back into the womb searching for a daddy...a daddy to take care of them.

That's why socialism is so attractive to most people, ladies and gentlemen. It tells them they no longer have to be responsible, and in exchange for their freedoms, daddy the State will take care of them. Daddy the State will give them a job, Daddy the state will pretend to pay them if they pretend to work. Daddy the State will provide them with some sort of a hovel in which they can live, so they don't have to worry about paying the rent. Yes, Daddy will even change their diapers and give them clothes to wear. Daddy will tell them what time in the morning they can go out on the street, and what time in the evening they must be inside their hovel. Daddy will discipline them. Daddy will make sure that there's no crime to threaten them.

You see, to revert to the state of childhood means you must have a daddy. Some daddies aren't too nice, and even the nice ones restrict your personal freedoms until you reach the age of maturity. In this case, there will be no age of maturity.
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