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Message Subject Children Allegedly Engaged In Sex Acts With Each Other At Preschool!!!
Poster Handle stillhere
Post Content
It's not just schools, you just don't know what kids have been exposed to. When you let your kids go to camp, church youth group overnights, sleep overs at friends houses, play dates with friends, boy scouts, girl scouts....you just don't know.

I'll admit to being over protective, but we had a strict no sleep over policy, and I tried my best to supervise the kids all the time--

every other parent I knew was really lax with their kids, they left their kids alone or unsupervised a lot.

And who do you really know? Someone I knew let her daughter go to a friends home and she came home upset--at about 9 they had been watching the playboy channel in the basement while the parents were upstairs.

Society has slowly become desensitized to things that should make everyone's skin crawl.

When sexual abuse happens to kids, you can never erase it.

Very sad.
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