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Message Subject Caught on Camera: Joe Biden admits gun control will not stop mass shootings or save lives
Poster Handle Heavenly Alchemy
Post Content
you can't admit something that hasn't yet occurred.

usa has 20 times the gun violence per capita as the rest of the industrialised world (armed citizens , regulated firearms) combined.

or 5% of world population , %30 of world gun violence , including war zones.

those are things that can be admitted.

american gun nuts aren't to bright, and seem to have no qualms showing that off.

like the sandy hook hoax stuff, no one else is going to buy it
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33854380

I'm sorry, could you link me to the information that shows this?

Also could you list how many countries there are in the world? And with that the populations of said countries.

Then could you separate out the countries guns are banned in.

Then separate out the states and places guns are banned in the United States.

Then separate out how many illegal guns were used (including used in places they were not allowed, including schools, theaters what have you.

Then include how many were used by criminals.

Then separate out how many were used against criminals to protect innocents, or by police.

Then think about how this at all relates to the topic which is that those in power are trying to disarm the citizens, and know that the examples they are using won't change gun violence at all, and would probably escalate the violence.
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