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Message Subject Caught on Camera: Joe Biden admits gun control will not stop mass shootings or save lives
Poster Handle Heavenly Alchemy
Post Content
thing is it does save lives and stop mass shootings.

seventeen years of weapon type regulation , seventeen years and not one mass


we have less gun violence in a year than america has in twelve to twenty four hours.

there is also now more guns and armed civilians in the country as there was pre


facts are massively in favour for the ever growing american gun control crowd.

fancy gun wanters over in USA will have to make stuff up to argue with.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33854380

I see how you came up with your belief.

And if I lived on an island with such a small population, just bordered by water I would probably think that way.

Instead The US is in the middle of a land mass where we largely boarder an extremely violent and unsafe country to the south and hove vast unchecked boarders to the north and south.

In addition we have gangs that jump back and forth over the boarder with guns, and military weapons. Then there are the gangs of people that only feel for their gang members and don't respect life what so ever.

They all have guns and steel rods, and railroad ties, and knives, ropes and more. If they were all outlawed they would find other things to use.

So tell me it is the guns that are really the problem.
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