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Message Subject Would you let your son in Boy Scouts go camping with gay scoutmaster?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sad thing is....our society is so scared of gays that they overlook the nice man next door....you know....hes married has a good job well respected inthe community church leader scout master....and hes the one that is molesting our kids. If you think the guy from Penn State is an isolated incident....you ought to.pay a bit more attention to the news. Its not often I hear an openly gay man accused of molesting.....its priests or the so called happily married neighborhood saint that everyone says could not have done a thing like that. They are sneaky and well practiced at the art of deception....putting parents at ease and building and gaining trust...not the gay man who syill worries your going to meet him in the ally and kick his ass because he finds your ass more appealing than his wifes.
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