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Message Subject Would you let your son in Boy Scouts go camping with gay scoutmaster?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No. I would never allow my daughters to join Girl Scouts because militant lesbians took that over years ago and I wasn't about to let them spend time with people of that ilk. I cut off the United Way years ago because they cut off the Boy Scouts due to their no-gay policy and instead donated directly to Boy Scouts.

And you know what? Let's assume none of them are pedos and they just want to do something good for the world by helping develop our kids. You know why I don't want my kids around gays? Because they can't stfu about it. For most people, sex is but one aspect of who they are as humans. For gays, it is their entire identity. They are obsessed with ensuring everyone in the world knows just exactly what kind of sex they prefer.

And not only that, they go out of their way to be offensive about it. One example is showing up in Disneyland during family week and simulating sexual acts with each other in front of adults and their kids. And that embarrassing, retarded gay pride parade stuff. They beg to be ostracized by being such total fucking douches and being disrespectful to everyone around them.

So fuck no, my boy isn't going to be part of Boy Scouts if they make this change.
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