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Message Subject Would you let your son in Boy Scouts go camping with gay scoutmaster?
Poster Handle Guano-
Post Content
What is the difference between a known gay scout master and a scout master that "says he isn't gay" - nothing. Both can harm your child, and both can teach your child to be something greater.

Scouts was never about politics, at least when I was in it - and it never should be. It should be about teaching the youth about how to respect others and survive on the basics.

My dad was the scout master, for a part of my time - I talked to him about it when I was older and he said he would never let the other leaders bring in world matters, it was all about respecting each other for who they are, and bringing the love of the wilderness, gathering with other people and most importantly having fun! To bad my dad has fallen into the MSM control and has a hard time thinking for himself. He was an awesome dad growing up, and had a lot to teach - not sure what happened.

I wouldn't trust my son with anyone - even myself, that is why I plan when I have a child to do my best to be with them through their child hood and teach them that everyone is different and not to let anyone influence you to doing something that you don't want to do, to question everything and to respect everything and everyone.

Nothing was more fun that shooting BB guns, shooting arrows down at the target, carving stuff out of soap(lol cub scouts), and being with people your age having fun.
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