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Message Subject Would you let your son in Boy Scouts go camping with gay scoutmaster?
Poster Handle Thylacine
Post Content
Was involved with the boy scouts from age 7 to about aged 20. And paedos were rampant throughout the organisation. It was the role of the older boys to protect the young ones. Included making sure that they were never one on one with scout masters.
Our parents were at fault because they turned a blind eye and didnt want to know about it. We even had a knick name for one "wandering hands", which the parents knew about, but never did anything. There was no one to complain to and you were treated as a pariah if you did.

They were every where in youth organisations, churches, St Johns etc. We even had a local cop who was a paedo who was involved in scouts, St Johns etc, so the poor kids never had a chance.

Gay has nothing to do with it, the paedos were not openly identifiable as gay. A lot were married with kids.

I personally believe in chemical or medical castration of paedos. I have worked in the prison system with paedos, and they are not treated or wish to change. Prison allows them to expand their network of contacts and learn new tricks.

The only way to stop them is to stop their perverted sexual urges. They are sick puppies and need to be stopped.
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