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Message Subject if the wealth on this planet were shared, every person would have 12 million dollars!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
without a structural hierarchy there would be utter destruction and chaos.. to suggest the idea that all should have millions is an idea of such stupidity i cant be bothered explaining.. im not saying you are suggesting that or not as i havent read anything more than the thread title so you could just be making a point of just how much money there is on the planet or so on.. so some have and so others dont.. well just go with what you know and be happy with what you got.. if not you will be miserable trying to get that something which is beyond you only to miss out on all the good you have in your limited experience.. unless you are doing a hardcore hell type experience/penance of some sort on this earth where every day is only pain and suffering and worse then you must realize that is only for your good in one way or another also at the end of the day.. suffering leads to alot of good things in time so really you just have to look at things in a more realistic way to realize that it is all good the way it is..
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govt shi;ill

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