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who decided your right to live?

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United States
02/07/2013 12:51 AM
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who decided your right to live?
we are on a crash course in getting back our debts. If you are still thinking that this planet has laws that don't answer to a higher, then you are going to be stuck when everything loses the illusion of form and goes back to a visible frequency. Uh oh, am I telling the gameplan of the elites before it happens?

What are they going to do? Nothing. But they will convince others that I am lying and am a threat to them. why? So somebody else can do their dirty work because by the flawed ethics of man, nothing is interconnected and everything is a possible threat. Once people realize that they actually don't need very much to live, this consumer culture of where the beast lives by you selling you back to it over and over with fail

It has to end, there is no other way. It would be nice if this time NOBODY had to die and it was all inclusive...

Put your thinking hats on, and lets think better thoughts that don't tear your form from function. Then we can finally go where we need to...
"a foundation built on lies is always bound to crumble and those who aren't humble shall tumble to the earth"