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Message Subject I just found out I am Native American Indian
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Very cool story.
If you want a fight without having to scalp anyone here's one for you.
One of my friends here is Maori and married to a Canadian Native woman and her daughter is over here at the moment.
We've been talking about the atrocities against her people-the murder of school children at the schools run by the Catholic church there and everything else that has happened.
Her mom is a member of Idle No More and very active in rehabilitation from alcohol and drugs with the survivors.
The latest attack is Bill C-45
"Idle No More continues with First Nations, environmental groups, social activist groups, and concerned Canadians protesting the contentious Bill C-45 that will severely compromise the environmental protection of of our lakes, rivers, and streams in Canada.

Read more: [link to digitaljournal.com]

I've been trying to get Canadians interested in this on GLP but no effect so far.
Probably too busy with other things, but this needs exposure.
So how about putting that peaceful warrior heritage to work here?
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