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Message Subject I just found out I am Native American Indian
Poster Handle Exacerbator
Post Content
Pretty sure 99 percent of the white people in America are Native American since we were all born here. If you mean Indian, not the dot kind but the arrow kind, if you go back far enough your not really from this land either. In fact, most of you are of Asian dissent or Israeli in the case of the Cherokee.

Now if we are trying to claim the land, it's actually more likely that Caucasians or Israelites were here far before the arrow Indians.

[link to hope-of-israel.org]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32328802

this bullshit about Cherokees being Israelites and the jews organizing american indians in the Church of Mormon seems very shady.

The jews didn't sail to North America, the Phoenicians did, the Israelites always take credit for everything.

the Phoenicians were semitic but they were definitely not Israelites. The Israelites hated the Phoenicians.
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