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Message Subject See the night time is when I feel the strongest energies
Poster Handle Axo Azeratel
Post Content
Thats weird cause im the opposite, i swear just closing my eyes and meditating in the sun recharges me and makes my forehead buzz all day, but i work swing shifts too, and feel differing energies i think the problem is the chemtrails are the problem, the spray durring the day and you cant see the sun most days for most of the day and get energy, but the moon is oftem more clear. im lucky if theres a clear morning where i can go sit in the sun and meditate..or try but i like it.
 Quoting: kennyrules2005 17921371

Yes, certainly. On a cool morning it is sublime.

Having eyes closed, and aligning the brow chakra with the sun, making sure that the eyes do not receive any direct rays, will ensure that the eyes are not scorched. lmao

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