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Alien dreams seems I'm nt the only one!

Dink uk
User ID: 4497988
United Kingdom
02/07/2013 01:50 AM
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Alien dreams seems I'm nt the only one!
Strange just come across this as looking for meaning of my dream.. Well been having alien dreams since I was little!!
My dream was in my bedroom with my boyfriend n son who is 1 and daughter who is 3 I found my daughter in her room acting strange then when ilookoutmywindow it's dark but I can see a object that's white n rectangle then to see that this is attached to a flying saucer which is in the same colour as the sky... It's massive it looks blended in to the sky with lights as stars I get scared as I watch it disappear and fear for my sons safety!! Then I wake up this is first time I've dreamt that in this house! All the other times has been at my moms house looking at sky coming across them weirdest one is in my old bedroom wher the come throught my window as I stand with my bk to the wall watching them get in!!! It's strange also as I remember from a kid some one looking at me with storage eyes threw my window but I was very high up and reminds me of a owl... Ne one else have this??