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Message Subject Help me. I think I'm suffering from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).
Poster Handle En Sof
Post Content
I am sorry to hear that. If your whole family was involved in the abuse it will probably be what is call "ritual child abuse" , you can google it but be careful because the things you read can triger you to remember. This kind of abuse is sistematic and very complicated and it starts very early in life, often as soon as you are born and in many cases involves the whole family.I have seen it done in families from generation to generation (I know it is unbelievable ...)
in some cases the abuses are even justified to the child by telling them that the abuse will make them stronger, the will be the best, etc etc and in other cases the abuse is just done for the shake of it.
Let me tell you that most people won´t believe you as it entails such horrific abuses, tortures etc
I don´t know where you are from but there are some good psichologists and therapists specialised in ritual child abuse specially in USA and UK, I think is better for you to try to find one of them as they will know how to help you better.
There is also a lot of information online and very good books writen on the subject by survivors and therapists.
Let me know if I can be of any help.
I wish you all the best.hf
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Thank you !!!

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