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Message Subject artificial insemination, in vitro, surrogacy are all against God~why~what's wrong with this pic?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hey , go with your god , go, go , ok ?? go out of this planet ok ? go now before i will send you , ok ?? and all of you god tards !! go !! k ? leave us pagans alone with out any god !! oo will be happy days on earth when religion and gods tards will dissapear ..
 Quoting: zabalzis

Oh my dear zabalzis, This message is for you:

"My Fatherís intervention has already commenced and His wrath will shake the earth. Enough. The failure of man to accept the Truth of Godís Existence is at the root of this evil. Man plays with life, as if he controls all that is on earth, over which he has no authority. This evil cannot be allowed to continue. It will be dealt with and the fear of God will be felt by those who do not accept His Laws."

[link to www.thewarningsecondcoming.com]
Message on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 @ 11:10 pm
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17469749

TNKS MY DEAR WHAT ?!?!? ANONYMUS , NOWONE ??, if you are from India , i don`t know , you should know that Benga , Devla , Buddha, Shiva , Crisna,Visnu, etc and many more deity of your direct ancestors , came from another place on your actual place India ! and in this moment they are confuse (don`t know if to laugh or cry ) for you and your christian attitude !! please , please try to educate yourself in finding the true and choosing from lies , if you don`t know what i mean please read , read, read and educate to understand the power of deceive ...
 Quoting: zabalzis

Hello my dear zabalzis, which country I do address you?
Even you are hiding your country here at GLP, you have a country of origin right. Like wise even if anyone deny the existence of God, He is always exist.

Do you know Saint Thomas the Apostle? He landed here in India well before you heard of Jesus (if you are a westerner) Ha Ha Ha.

I pray for you because God loves you too. hf
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