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Message Subject artificial insemination, in vitro, surrogacy are all against God~why~what's wrong with this pic?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh yes and one other, homosexual marriage is an abomination
to God.
 Quoting: RightMama


Homosexuality is sin. THe others... I think you are reaching to call them sin.

God hates all sin. But you have free will to sin anyway you want to, why can't they? Your sins are just as ugly to God as theirs are.

It is NOT your job to judge
! Why don't you just leave that up to God? Live your life, doing the best you can for others instead of judging others. If you beleive it is damnation then you should be happy in the knowledge that someday they will "Get theirs".

You give Christians a BAD name!

P.S. I can't stand Rosie O!!


Reminding people of the Truth is not judging. People are dying in mortal sin rejecting the Truth. They'll never see Heaven.

You even say you're not sure what the Truth is in regards
to other sexual sins... You realize...

How crazy is the acceptance of homosexual marriage?

A woman is married to a woman? Which one is the man?
Well, Lesbians, we can see who it is, their foolish ways.
I am the guy. ie: Ellen and Rosie.

What about sperm donation? Kids in one area may all
have the same father and obvious, they'll never know
him. The gift of life is not for us to choose and manipulate.

We can know, the list in the thread title is not of God.
Evil times, the list is not complete.

God bless you, rose
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