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Message Subject when you do something you will regret 4 the rest of your life it feels really f(cked
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Face Palmer

you still have autobahns. in Australia if you do 30km/h over the speed limit on any road, and get caught by a laser, they confiscate your car. 3 times in a row, and they confiscate it for GOOD. no compensation.

while in the rest of the world, the elite WANT their distractions. they WANT people to have ferraris, lambos, porches, they WANT americans to play with fucken hot rods all day long, to keep them distracted.

The Aussie way? "rack em pack em and stack em" "see how far you can push em"

One thing ive never figured out, and never will.. does it come from the top, or just the hater weasle politicians getting away with doing so, cause the CROWN profits look good.

HOLDEN / FORD and your fucken overweight RUBBISH cars that cant compete with a Datsun from 1970's, hurry up and close down allready. NO they arent NOT not buying BIG cars you fucken MORONS, they figured out your overweight OVERPRICED shitboxes, are just that.

Can buy a s/h 2007 M5 BMW in USA for 30k. WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO BUY A BODY ROLLING HEAP OF ELIZABETH MADE JUNK FOR 50K.. the last remaining retards.. of which are thinning.
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