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Subject Your antivirus software probably won't prevent a cyberattack
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
During a four-month long cyberattack by Chinese hackers on the New York Times, the company's antivirus software missed 44 of the 45 pieces of malware installed by attackers on the network.
That's a stunning wake-up call to people and businesses who think they are fully protected by their antivirus software.

"Even the most modern version of antivirus software doesn't give consumers or enterprises what they need to compete in the hacker world," said Dave Aitel, CEO of security consultancy Immunity. "It's just not as effective as it needs to be."
The New York Times said it had an antivirus system from Symantec (SYMC, Fortune 500) installed on devices connected to its network. The Chinese hackers built custom malware to, among other things, retrieve the usernames and passwords of Times' reporters. Since that brand-new malware wasn't on Symantec's list of forbidden software, most of it was allowed to pass through undetected.

Symantec responded that it offers more advanced solutions than the one the New York Times (NYT) deployed.

[link to money.cnn.com]
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