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Message Subject BREAKING: Khamenei tells Obama to 'Kiss My Ass'. Boeing's EMP Missile has Iran Written all Over it.
Poster Handle Lady Jane Smith
Post Content
Good morning, Friend!!

I am not surprised they refuse talks. After all, what is the point? The talks always end up to be nothing but BS & nobody ever abides by any agreements made.

One thing I do find interesting is the extension of a offer of discourse. Is this an indication that Iran is at a level they claim?

Kermit Smoking
 Quoting: Lady Jane Smith


I think they are right where they want to be.
There is a problem. Why should a few select allowed to have the bomb.
As long as Israel does not acknowledge publicly that they have nuclear weapons, the problem will not go away.
More countries in the Middle East will want to do the same thing that Iran may have done??
I don't know how to coem to a solution, if not all the facts are on the table.
There can not be a double standard on this issue.

 Quoting: Limpan

Honestly, there is no solution.

At some point there will be organic equilibrium. Question is: How much death & destruction until said equilibrium is achieved?
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