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Message Subject Yet more evidence emerges that our universe is a grand simulation created by an intelligent designer .
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thank you, niphritique.

You are making the case that God made this universe as a simulation....basically an idea I think all christians can agree with - since we are SPIRIT beings, living in a HUMAN body - essentially living out a simulation of being real.

Secondly, to your last point: The Bible was carried down in folklore for thousands of years before being written in words, and yet essentially is the same story from beginning to end. Over 40 different authors, three different languages, over 1,500 years to complete it, and yet it has the same underlying theme. Other "holy books" of other religions have basically the same general "story" written in them as well, and some of the same "folklore." A flood. A very important holy man coming out of heaven. Giants inhabiting the earth once upon a time. An end time battle and the final winner is one who will "return"....

Coincidence? Prolly not!
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