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Subject China Murders Babys of Parents who dont Pay Fine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A baby boy is Murdered after being run over by a government vehicle after his father scuffled with officials over the one-child law.

According to local media reports, a dozen or so officials had arrived at the home of Chen Liandi and his wife Li Yuhong to collect fines after they had exceeded the one-child policy.

"We were required to pay 30,000 to 40,000 yuan (£3,500) otherwise they would have detained us," Mr Chen is quoted as saying according to the state news agency Xinhua.

The incident sparked an angry confrontation with police outside the local Communist Party offices.

Pictures posted on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, appear to show the confrontation.

One photo shows the child's father with a ripped jacket. The caption underneath claims that his clothes were torn in the scuffle with the "population enforcement officials".

With incidents like this and reports of forced abortions, the policy has caused individual tragedy for some couples.

[link to news.sky.com]

Why is any government of the so called fucking civilised world doing any business with these monsters? They can place sanctions on Iran, Why not China?

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