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yeah I have had reptilians try have a go and get into my head... I don't think so it makes it hard for them, they keep trying my mind is blank so I make it hard for them LOL. thanks for your input darl
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33861134

I asked because I've met some humans out there who are Bad, but not reptilians, not that I know of at least.
Seems to come in different forms.
I've been reading a little Ingo Swann and what he describes is different to both of us, the same process basically but for different reasons.
Swann; the moon, by coordinates.
Me: homing in on shitheads and giving them a whack or tow or three.
You: disasters.
Do you think you're picking them uo for a reason?
Obama was supossed to have been born in Kenya according to people there (you can probably google it)
And that tsunami sounds like the middle east somewhere maybe.
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