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Smack that: Man beaten up by his two ex-wives for marrying the third sister

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United Arab Emirates
02/07/2013 05:32 AM
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Smack that: Man beaten up by his two ex-wives for marrying the third sister
A Pakistani man was beaten by his two former ex-wives (sisters) for allegedly kidnapping and forcing their youngest sister into marrying him, local media reported on Thursday.

The beating took place outside the courtroom where the man, named Adnan, successfully married his third wife in Gujranwala, north-east of Punjab province in Pakistan, Pakistan daily Tribune reported.

The judge, Mansoor Ahmed Khan, ruled in favor of the newly-weds and disposed of the appeal filed by the womenís father, Muhammad Riaz.

Riaz had claimed that the man kidnapped his youngest daughter, Anum, and forcibly married her.
However, the judge heard Anumís statement, which contradicted her fatherís, saying said she married Adnan of her own free will.

Riaz and his two elder daughters tried to take Anum away after she was officially bound in marriage.

After refusing to accompany them, the trio consequently beat Adnan with anything they could get their hands on, including a brick from a nearby construction site, witnesses told the newspaper.

Adnan managed to escape the assault with the help of both the police and his relatives.

Tangled in knots
During an earlier court session, Adnan said he married the eldest sister, Tabassum, six years ago, but they had now been divorced for three years. He claimed they separated after Tabassumís father unlawfully occupied his house.

In an attempt to resolve the family dispute, Riaz offered Adnan his second daughter, Tehminaís hand in marriage, to which Adnan accepted and then gifted the house to Riaz.

He added that three years later Riaz demanded $1,500 (Rs.200, 000) or divorce Tehmina.

Adnan claimed Riaz threatened to file a fabricated case against him if he did not pay the amount.
Being unable to pay the money, he was left with the only option which was to divorce the second daughter too.

Later, he said, he developed an interest in Anum, Riazís youngest daughter.

After finding out that Adnan had married Anum at a court five months ago, Riaz filed a kidnapping case against him at the local police station in January 2013. He also named Karamat Ali, Adnanís brother and his brother-in-law Zubair as accomplices.

Anum, supporting her husband said he had not abducted or forced her into the nuptials and she had married Adnan of her own free will.

However, worried for his youngest daughterís life, Riaz has denied Adnanís claims and instead said Adnan had divorced his daughters because he could not afford the sufficient dowry.

[link to english.alarabiya.net]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 17849218
02/07/2013 05:33 AM
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Re: Smack that: Man beaten up by his two ex-wives for marrying the third sister
ohhh trashy.

we need too get a jump on a new pakistani reality show.